Roger Laing | Reader’s Digest Books
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Reader’s Digest Books

About This Project

Reader’s Digest Books – UK

Technical and editorial consultant on more than 20 books about PCs and the Internet:

  • Selected the material
  • Wrote new features
  • Rewrote and updated content
  • Checked text and illustrations for technical accuracy

Books included:

How to do just about anything on a Computer
Windows 7 updates together with new articles on social networks

Beginner’s Guide to Home Computing
Updated for Microsoft Windows Vista
A friendly guide to computing for the novice, including many “how to” articles on everything from word processing to home finance.

The PC Problem Solver
A troubleshooting guide to help even the most technophobic reader.

Get More from Your PC
Turns beginners into power users.


Reader’s Digest Books – International

Step-by-step PC guides – continuity series
A series of books on how to get the most from your PC. Although each book was self-contained it was also part of a series of step-by-step guides. 15 volumes were published internationally in German and Spanish editions, making it one of the longest series in Reader’s Digest history.