Roger Laing | Internet Facts
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Internet Facts

About This Project

The digital A-Z guide to Internet Facts is an indispensable and highly accessible guide to the usage and abuse of this extraordinary phenomenon. A no-nonsense guide to terms and concepts, written by experts but designed to be used by novices and ‘techies’ alike.

Sample entry:

Just as the original cave dwellers crafted their paintings out of unlikely materials, good old plain text has also been developed as decorative art.

The punctuation characters and spaces from ASCII have been crafted into illustrations to reflect the feelings of people writing in chat rooms, newsgroups or emails.

The smiley face (code) :-) (/code) created using a colon, hyphen and closing bracket was the first, but now a whole dictionary of expressions has emerged. They have also gone from simply portraying emotion (emoticons) to physical description, e.g. (:-))))))))))) someone wearing a tie, and even objects such as >[] to represent a television.